Postpartum Depression Treatment – Another Look

I decided to write this article about Postpartum Depression because of my own mother's experience with it and how she was able to treat it and move on with her life.

In an odd way, I felt responsible for her experience of Depression. I know I did not choose to be born in that sense, but never-the-less there it was.

So, there was a time that we openly discussed what exacty she did in order to alleviate the symptoms and bring back into balance her emotional self.

1. Exercise was on the top of the list.

2. Proper Diet was essential.

3. Journaling and expressing her feelings was on the list, too.

It seemed to me that the way to treat Postpartum Depression was the same way to heal other forms of depression; The onset of the Depression was the only factor that was different. It was specific to the birthing process and the huge shift in hormones and chemicals that altered the state of the brain chemistry.

She described her process of discovering the treatments that she followed. Being the investigative and curious person that she is, she had taken an example of 5 of her healthy, well-balanced and happy friends and started to put together the pieces that related with each of them that they did in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle , Even if they were not doing so on purpose.

After analysis the information, she came up with that each of her happy friends eat very healthy foods. They did not overindulge in sugary foods, caffeine and alcohol.

They also practiced at least 3 times a week for a period of 30 minutes. And each of them had an outlet for expressing their feelings, whether that be through a journal or communicating with loved ones.

Source by Eric Kiszely

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